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Polyurethane screens

Polyurethane screens, including modular polyurethane screens ,tensioned polyurethane screens(polyurethane hook type), and polyurethane coated wire screen,and many other polyurethane screening products, with applications in mining, sand and gravel, and aggregate-ore processing

Our company specialises in the production of wear-resistant screens, as well as engineering innovative and versatile fastening methods for modular and tensioned screening ystems.The unique polyurethane tensioned screens with Superflow apertures allow users to maximise screening efficiency in every situation.

tensioned screen

tensioned screen

tensioned screen
Coated Wire Screen modular screens modular screens
Dewartering- PU screen 1.0mm Dewartering- PU screen 1.5mm Dewartering- PU screen 0.5mm


  • Material: Pure polyurethane ,steel frame.
  • Thickness: 10mm - 50mm.
  • Hole type: square, rectangular, round .
  • Hole size: 0.3mm - 50mm.
  • Panel width: max 2.0m.
  • Panel length: max. 3.0m.
  • Fasten type : metal hook, screws ,wedge...
  • Color: red, yellow, blue ,grey.

Advantage of polyurethane screens

  • high tensile strength.
  • Quick installation and replacement .
  • Super wear resistance.
  • Longer working time .


Used as vibrating screens for quarry ,steel , mining ,coal washing , it used to sperate different size of material .



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