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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh - Strong and Flexible

Stainless steel cable mesh also named wire rope mesh or flexiable cable mesh ,which is a new and idealy material used to create light-weight structures but strong and flexible for protection, beatiful looks, with many advantage that could not be replaced by other type of material .

Our stainless steel cable mesh made out of high tensile stainless steel cable T304, T316, T316L grade , with structure 1*17 , 7*7, 7*19 , diameter range 1.0mm to 4.0mm.

For different ways of fabrication to flexible cable mesh , there are woven type and ferruled type .

Woven type

Cables are inter-woven together, one goes through another , no clips , the most steady structure .

Ferruled type

Each double cables connnected with ferrules or clips to creat a certian size of holes , beatiful looks .

With strong and flexible features ,Stainless steel cable mesh widely used for protect buildings, bridges , or animalys away from people, seperate or stop enter harmless ,besides this it has beatiful looks, architect's favourite material .

Considering cable mesh we supplied usually in T316L , also polished , the survival time in open air can over 20 years !

Ferruled cable mesh
Woven cable mesh
Clipped cable mesh
stainless steel cable mesh
stainless steel cable mesh
stainless steel cable mesh
framed cable mesh
framed cable mesh
framed cable mesh
cable mesh packing
cable mesh packing


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