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wire mesh
perforated metal
aluminium mesh facade
SS welded wire mesh
Stainless steel woven mesh
Also called screen,cloth. mainly used for filtering and sieving in many industry areas with good features ,material grade S/S304, S/S316
Perforated metal
perforated metal is sheet metal punched to create a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes, we accept customed patterns.
Aluminium Expanded Mesh Facade also know as Aluminium facade or expanded mesh facade ,it is a special type of aluminium expanded mesh . Stainless steel welded wire mesh (304/316)
Mesh aperture 25mm to 200mm
Mesh wire 2.5mm to 8mm
we supply rolls and sheet panels.
architectural wire mesh
expanded metal
Metal Conveyor Belt
quarry mesh
Expanded metal
expanded metal is a type of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, stretched to diamond shape

Mesh conveyor belt
Also known as wire mesh belt, wire conveyor belt, mesh belt, with many applications, such as food processing, mining ,mineral etc.

Quarry screen
also named mining screen or vibrating screen ,it is heavy-duty wire mesh, woven wire screens in high tensile steel for quarry and mining industries.
sintered wire mesh knitted wire mesh wire mesh filter Metal refractory lining
Sintered wire mesh
Sintered wire mesh normally laminated by multiple layers of stainless steel wire mesh by sintering

Knitted Wire Mesh
It is a highly adaptable and configurable material offering superior functionality in many applications,especially oil chemical industry.

Mesh filter
Mesh filterĀ is the form of an object fabricated with different types of wire mesh material, used for filtration of water , oil , chemicals , air etc .
Metal Refractory Lining
Metal refractory lining usually comprises a safety or backup layer behind the working lining in contact with the furnace contents
358 welded mesh polyurethane screen fence panel
358 security mesh
358 security mesh also called 358 welded mesh,prison mesh ,special designed for high security applications , anti-climbing,anti-cutting ,pretty looks ...
Polyurethane screens
also called PU screen , made with polyurethane powder to certain shape by mould , used as virating screen,quarry mesh for mining ,dewater screens.
Welded fence panel
Welded fence made out of carbon steel wire or GI wire with PVC coated in different colors , many applications, wire ,opening ,size color can be customed .
paper machine wire mesh
BBQ grill mesh
Chain link wire
Chain link wire is the fastest and most cost effective fence today, also referred as Cyclone fences, Anchor fence and link type fences.
Cable mesh
Cable mesh also named rope mesh or flexible cable mesh ,zoo mesh, strong and flexible for different application.

Paper machine clothing
Paper machine clothing can be made from stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze or mixed woven material ,also named paper making wire mesh .
Barbecue grill
Barbecue grill netting is available in different metals, like stainless steel wire 304, 316, mild steel galvanized wire.

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