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How to get weight of grating ?

Standard bar grating weight including two parts , weight of bearing bars & crossing bar weight, here is an example for calculating it .

For grating G253/30/100, 1M X 6M size, plain and open ends ,6mm crossing bars.

1 . For bearing bars ,grating panel with total 34n.s of bearing bars ,However 3.0mm thickness is in theory, normally it is 2.75mm and 2.9mm in the market, we usually choose 2.9mm , 25 x 2.9 x 6 x 7.85/1000 x 34 = 116kg .

2. For 6mm twisted bars , theoretical weight is 0.222kg/m ,but actual weight is 0.2kg/m , for 100mm pitch , 1M X 6M sheets , total length 60meters, 0.2 x 60 = 12kg .

Here is the weight per panel : 116kg + 12kg = 128kg/sheet .

grating specification


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