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Anping wire mesh

Wire mesh in anping started since Ming Dynasty , about 1488 AD, it is a bout 500 years from today, Anping is named as “wire mesh hometown” , “wire mesh industry base” “wire mesh export base “ etc . it is the No.1 business of Anping people and government , over 70% people make living on wire mesh production,sales and business related to it , such as trading, transporting, hotel …  one word anping sit on wire mesh .

Wire mesh is a tiny branch in the industrial part , but it is the biggest industry in anping county ,the manufacturing of wire mesh through out the city and almost all villages, over 140,000 people in the production of wire mesh, about 12,000 companies, factories, retail sales in anping , the wire mesh output value over 6 billion US dollars in 2015 .

Wire mesh is a big name for variety wire and mesh products , actually there are too many types of products like , metal wire , metal wire fabricated products like woven wire mesh , welded wire mesh,chain link wire, hexagonal netting, perforated metal ,expanded metal ,filter element ,nails, gratings in different material and specs , which widely used in oil, chemical constructioin,medicine, auto industry , agriculture etc. wire mesh is like the MSG of industry , small quantity but very important !

Anping wire mesh has a big market not only in domestic but also in the world , there are total over 10,000 stores and 1,000 trading companies , 40,000 people selling wire mesh all over china and abroad , it was sold to over 150 countries like US, JAPAN,AUSTRALIA,ITALY,MIDDLE EAST … more than 80% wire mesh exported is from Anping , each year about 20,000 containers of wire mesh go to global market , over 60% wire mesh selling in the global market is from china, so people say , when 2 rolls of wire mesh sold , one roll is from china , that is true .

Recently , The quality of wire mesh is going bad to worse in recent years , it makes anping a very bad name ,global economic is poor now , the importers inquired price from many suppliers , they always tring to get the lowest offer and compress profits of supplier , this lead Anping suppliers in bad competition, they make offer close to cost or even lower than it , and cheat on quality later, that is why some importers say china wire mesh is garbage , this not exactly , not all wire mesh from china are bad quality , to make business with normal profits is very difficult now ,the bad competition make the wire mesh business out of track , but always always someone insist on their correct hard business way .

For our business, we would rather to give up orders with no profits , but not fall into the bad competition , because we know it is not the correct way, we need profits to run our company, to maintain our team , to improve our technology , we know the road will become wider if keeps honesty ,reliable to each customer .

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