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Wedge wire screen wedge wire cylinder

Wedge Wire Screens are manufactured by wrapping a profile wire cylindrically around longitudinal placed support rods. All wires and rods are resistance welded at each point of contact. The numerous combinations of wire profiles, support rods, flow direction and wide range of slots (fixed or variable) allow us to design screens according your exact technical specification. We manufacture wedge wire screens for a variety of industries including water well production, water treatment, food and beverage, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mineral and aggregate processing, refining and petrochemical.

wedge wireMaterial: Stainless Stell wire (SS205B, 304, 316, etc) and Low Carbon Galvanized  wire(LCG), Mild steel wire, Iron wire.
Shape: Tube / pipe (Wire-wrapped stainless steel screen pipe, Water & Oil Well screen, Wedge wire screen, Continuous slot screens, Changeable filter element, screen nozzle, Screen Cylinder, Spiral screen pipe, Strainer tube, Filter circumference, filter drum) .
Plate / Piece / Flat panel (Screen piece, wrap wire flat panel, Sieve bend for coal, Arc screen plate, Vibrating screen plate, screen plate with Polyurethane frame, Raw coal screen, Weave Slot screen palte, Curved screen).
Weaving: Full Welded.

wedge wire screen
wedge-wire-screen wedge wire cylinder
wedge wire cylinder
wedge wire wedge cylinder

wedge wire specification
Wire Width Wire Height Relief Angle Typical Support Rods
30V .030" .06" 10 .125" round
45V .045" .09" 10 .125" round
63V .063" .11" 13 .156" round
69U .069" .17" 8 .075" x 1" bar
93V .093" .15" 13 .25" round or .075" bar
93U .093" .17" 5 .25" or .38" round
125V .125" .20" 13 .38" round





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