Tomato cages (tomato plant support)
tomato cages

Tomato plants will be sagging onto the ground without support.Tomato cage gives plant durable support - won't tilt as the stems climb up the cage - and easy packing and storaged.

Tomato cage made from heavy gauge galvanized or powder-coated GI wire , to provide vertical support for mature tomato and pepper plants loaded with fruit. It is also suitable for eggplant and zucchini.
Tomato cage is with big enough mesh grid for tomatos collecting througth, providing perfect stability and offering enough growing space. It make the garden plantsstay tall and straight.

Technical Points
Wire : 9guage / 10guage .
Mesh grid : 6" or 8" welded panel.
Mesh into ground : 8"
Surface treat : Powder coated & Hot dip galvanized .
Color : Grass green ,Dark Green ,Red .

Sizes we provide .

Packing Height Height width(square) Horizontal Circles
2ft+8" 2ft 12"x 12" 5
3ft+8" 3ft 12"x 12" 7
4ft+8" 4ft 16" x 16" 7
5ft+8" 5ft 16" x 16" 9
6ft+8" 6ft 18" x 18" 10

tomato cages
tomato cages
tomato cages
tomato cages tomato ladder
tomato cages




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