Barbed Wire

Barbed wire with two strand main wire and four point barbs is an economical solution to a variety of containment needs or to discourage unauthorized entry.

  • Sharp two-or-four point barb options spaced every five inches
  • Heavy-duty metal carrier for safe, convenient transport. Designed for easy unrolling
  • Use fence stays to keep barbed wire neat and evenly spaced
  • Use with chain link or other fencing barriers for heightened security
  • Galvanized finish
  • Note: Product may vary by store
Material Galvanized Wire guage 12-1/2, 15-1/2
Strand wire 2 twisted Barb wire 4 pt
barb distance 5 inch strech length 100/200 meter

Razor barbed wire

Razor barbed wire is a type of modern security fencing materials fabricated with razor-sharp steel blade and high-tensile spring wire. razor wire can be installed to achieve the result of frightening and stopping people across fence,also the special designs making climbing and touching extremely difficult. galvanized material can avoid corrosion.

Currently, razor barbed wire has been widely used in many countries for military, prisons, detention houses, government buildings and other national security facilities. Recently , razor wire has become the most popular high-class fencing solutions .

razor ribbon
barbed tape wire
S/S 304 CBT 65
GI CBT 65 , 5 Coils per carton
razor helical
concertina razor wire
Budle packing
Pallet packing

Type Razor style Razor thickness Core Wire Material
BTO 22 0.5mm 2.5mm G.I , S/S 304 ,S/S 430
CBT 60 0.6mm 2.5mm G.I , S/S 304 ,S/S 430
CBT 65 0.6mm 2.5mm G.I , S/S 304 ,S/S 430

Razor Type Type Coil Diameter Loops Cover distance Packing
CBT-60.65 Single coil 450mm 33 8M 5coil/carton
CBT-60.65 Single coil 700mm 56 13-14M 5coil/carton
BTO-22 Cross type 700mm 56 10-12M (5 CLIPS) bundle / pallet
BTO-22 Cross type 900mm 56 12-14M (5 CLIPS) bundle / pallet
BTO-22 Cross type 960mm 56 13-15M (5 CLIPS) bundle / pallet




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