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Metal Refractory Lining

Metal Refractory Lining is manufactured to withstand and maintain certain temperatures. In addition to their insulative qualities, it highly resistant to heat, making them nearly impossible to melt or fuse. They perform as a barrier between exceptionally high- and low-temperature zones. This makes refractory mesh particularly useful in the construction of boilers, furnaces, and other high-heat systems.

The flexible material can adapt to fit a variety of industrial applications, and also used in construction and building to reinforcing floor and wall , preventing cracking .

Materials, Weave Types & Sizing Options

The insulation and refractory mesh available in different grade materials: such as stainless steel SUS-304, SUS316, SUS321 ...

Metal Refractory Lining is flexible and easy to roll, allowing them to be fashioned into various shapes, both large and small , to make a perfect match to your furnaces .

Common Specification Sheet

SPECS Plate thickness Panel Height Hex hole size
1.2 X 10 X 50mm 1.2mm 10mm 40mm
1.2 X 15 X 50mm 1.2mm 15mm 50mm
1.2 X 20 X 50mm 1.2mm 20mm 50mm
1.5 X 10 X 50mm 1.5mm 10mm 50mm
1.5 X 15 X 50mm 1.5mm 15mm 50mm
1.5 X 20 X 50mm 1.5mm 20mm 50mm
1.8 X 15 X 50mm 1.8mm 15mm 50mm
1.8 X 20 X 50mm 1.8mm 20mm 50mm
1.8 X 25 X 50mm 1.8mm 25mm 50mm
2.0 X 15 X 50mm 2.0mm 15mm 50mm
2.0 X 20 X 50mm 2.0mm 20mm 50mm
2.0 X 25 X 50mm 2.0mm 25mm 50mm
2.0 X 30 X 50mm 2.0mm 30mm 50mm
2.0 X 30 X 80mm 2.0mm 30mm 80mm

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